Shop No: 33,
Nasser Center in Shuwaikh Industrial Area

+965 2483 7666


In Focus: Dent Xpress -

A few weeks back Nat accidentally slammed my FJ’s door onto a little pole while opening the door and I ended up with a nasty dent. The usual fix for this would be to take the car to a body shop and have them repair the dent and then repaint the door but I decided to pass by Dent Xpress and see if they could fix it. For those of you who’ve been checking my blog for a few years you might remember Dent Xpress as one of my previous advertisers. They’re a little shop behind Sun City in Shuwaikh that specializes in paint-less dent repair.

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Dent Xpress Experience -

About a month ago now there was hail storm in Kuwait during those five days of rain. I came back from my trip and noticed that my car had a few bumps, at first I thought it was a cat that jumped on the trunk, only to notice that it was all over the car. I mean a lot of dings on the hood, roof, doors, trunk, and side panels. I lost count but they were at least 60 bumps all over the car, I’m sure it got up to 80 but it was useless to count at that point.

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Paintless Dent Removal: Dent Xpress -

A dent, a bang, a ding, a collision; all part of the inevitable when you’re driving in Kuwait. Whether you’re driving, stationary at the lights, or your car is parked, it can happen at any time and when it does, that little dent can cause a major headache.

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